Zoetic Movement needs your support!

Visit our Alpine Farms Holiday fundraising webpage to learn more: Click here Please show your support by purchasing one or more of the beautiful, high quality wreaths and holiday items on our webpage. You get a wreath or greenery item to enjoy throughout the holidays and our organization receives proceeds from every sale! See our webpage for pricing and more details. This will supplement our door to door sales efforts, allowing us to raise more money and reach more supporters by sharing our fundraising webpage on social media and through email.

We are also excited because Alpine Farms has allowed us to sell most of the holiday items to anyone in the Continental US. So remember to ask your family and relatives out of town to support us by making a purchase.

Help us out by sharing our fundraising efforts! Click to see our page!

If you have questions or need further information, contact Char at info@zoeticmovement.com or call (909) 645-9502.

Holiday Fundraising

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