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Regular Price: $125

For more information, contact us at (909) 333-8153

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Princess Camp

Ages 3-5

Dates: TBA


(30 min) Mommy/Daddy and Me

(30 min) Arts and Crafts

 (30 min Dance) 

(Mon) Ballet, (Tues) Jazz,

(Wed) Musical Theater, (Thurs) Hip Hop

Allow your child to dance on their twinkle toes and let their imagination take them to a whole new world of possibilities. In our Enchanted Camp, we instill the grace of dance, structurally, and most importantly, how to be a team player. So, join us on a magic carpet ride and uncover the hidden treasures! 


For more information, contact us at (909) 333-8153 or email

If you don't know which class to choose from, let one of our Warm & Professional Staff help you choose a class appropriate in the age group for your child and one that will work with your schedule. Our teachers are professional and warm, making each class filled with energy and engagement. FREE TRIAL OFFER. START NOW!

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