DeeJay Byrd



A California native, Mr. Byrd is not only the biggest motivator, but he is an extremely talented dancer and choreographer!  By the time Deejay was 9 years old, he began crafting his talent and has racked up a versatile array of styles such as jazz, ballet, lyrical, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, ballroom, burlesque, and tap.  With his unique creativity he has made his mark among the dance industry. Choreographing music videos, being a contestant on TV shows,  and collaborating with well known choreographers. His credentials have provided him with the opportunity to work with celebrity tap dancer, Gregory Hines in his shows, and many others!   He has also trained with dance companies such as Bre Dance Studio in Riverside, Alvin Ailey in New York, Millennium dance company, Debbie Reynolds, and Arthur Murray Ballroom in Los Angeles. As a professional model and dancer, his credits include dancing abroad with Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Universal Studios Hollywood, including various theater shows like “Guys and Dolls”, “Aida”, and “West Side Story”. He has also performed and choreographed shows for Riverside Community College Performing Arts Center's and Community Education Programs. Mr. Byrd's passion is on building strong technical dancers, who are prepared to meet the challenges in the ever-changing dance world and provide them with guidance and support that everyone will enjoy.