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NOTESee all the new classes, including the Progressive Ballet Technique, developed by renowned Marie Walton-Mahon ARAD RAD TS. For program details and information, go to:

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The classes are determined by the students' technical merit and age, as a guideline for some of the higher level classes. Our main goal is safety first, and we want to ensure every dancer is able to uphold the standards. All new students will be evaluated for proper placement(s). 


Here are the age categories:


Adult Classes: 17+


Hip-Hop 1: 4-6

Hip-Hop 1&2: 5-6

Hip-Hop 1: 7-9

Hip-Hop 2: 7-9

Hip-Hop 3: 10-12

Hip-Hop 3: 13+


Princess ballet: 3,4,5 

Click Here For Princess Class Details
Pre-ballet: 4,5,6 (Teacher's Discretion)
Ballet 1ab: 6+ 
Ballet 2ab: 8+ 
Ballet 3ab: 10+


​FuXion Pilates/Yoga: 7+​


* Pre-lyrical: 4,5,6 (Prerequisite: 2 concurrent ballet classes) 
Lyrical 1: 7+ 
Lyrical 2: 8+
Lyrical 3: 10+


* Pre-Jazz: 4,5,6 (Prerequisite: 2 concurrent ballet classes)
Jazz 1: 7+ 
Jazz 2: 8+ 
Jazz 3: 10+

Contemporary 3: 10+


Jumps & Turns 1: 5+

Jumps & Turns 2: 8+ 
Jumps & Turns 3: 10+


Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT): 7+ or Teacher's Discretion


Adult Classes Program 

Join us for a session in a Ballet/Stretch Dance Class, learn to Tap, or groove with us in our Jazz Funk and Hip-Hop! Learn the basics of improving your posture, stretching, breathing, and a choreographed routine. No group adult classes are offered at this time. Please check back again next season or inquire for private classes!



  • ​Ballet/Stretch: Thursdays 6:30 pm

  • Hip-Hop/Jazz Funk: Thursdays 7:30 pm

  • Tap: Interest Class/Privates

  • Please inquiry within

​​Price Points

  • Adult Drop-in $16.00

  • Intro Adult Package $65.00 (First-Time Clients)

  • 6 class package $72.00


Ballet Program

  • Ballet 1abc: take at least (but not limited to) 2 ballet classes to see progress.

  • Ballet 2ab (including Teens): Take at least (but not limited to) 2 or 3 ballet classes to see progress.

  • Ballet 2c3ab: Take at least (but not limited to) 4 ballet classes to retain growth.

  • Ballet 4a: Take at least (but not limited to) 4 or 5 ballet classes to maintain technique and growth.


FuXion Pilates/Yoga Program

All ages 7+ welcome. This program is an extension to help propel anyone to a better and overall health and wellness. It is taught by our Certified Pilates Instructor, Miss Amanda.


Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT) Program

Comprehensive program focused on improving Ballet technique with the use of resistance bands and fitness balls to create muscle memory for dancers ages 7+. This class helps bridge the dancer's body to execute  and understand turn-outs, adage movements, allegro, batterie, controlled landings, and weight transfer. This class will be taught by a certified ZM Faculty.


Developed by renowned Marie Walton-Mahon ARAD RAD TS. For program details and information, go to:


Pre-pointe Program

At the teachers’ discretion, the dancer is expected to complete at least 1 year of taking 2 pre-pointe classes in additional to Ballet Level requirement (see requirements above).


Pointe Program

At the teachers’ discretion, the dancer is expected to participate in 2-3 pointe classes (depend on schedule availability), along with Ballet Level requirement (See Requirements above).


Commercial Program

All students participating in a JAZZ, LYRICAL, MUSICAL THEATRE, CONTEMPORARY, TAP, EXTREME EXTENSION, TRICKS, JUMPS AND TURNS, and BALLET PIROUETTES & JETES must be enrolled in 2 concurrent ballet classes. This is to ensure proper body alignment, growth, and most importantly safety.


Pilates Program

All students participating in this class must be enrolled in at least 2 concurrent ballet classes. This is to ensure proper body alignment, growth, and most importantly safety. 

Personal Choreography

Charming Wedding Choreography By Char is from Zoetic Movement based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We offer professional dance training, privates, and stunning personal choreography for weddings, bridesmaids, groomsmen, Mother and Daughter Dance, Mother and Son Dance, Father and Daughter Dance, or whatever you feel suits the occasion. Why not preserve your wedding choreography and remember it forever! Call us now to find out how!

Click Here For More Information and YouTube Videos


Yearly registration fee is $25. Also, if dancer takes more than a month off from dance, then they must re-register and pay the $25 registration.


PAYMENT: Tuition is to be paid in full by the 5th of every month through auto pay. If unable to auto pay then there will be a $10 charge towards monthly tuition.


FREEZE: A one-time freeze may be used for all dance families per year. However; a fee of $20 will be applied.


CANCELLATIONS: All cancellations must be communicated through via: Email by the 5th of the previous month.

If you don't know which class to choose from, let one of our Warm & Professional Staff help you choose a class appropriate in the age group for your child and one that will work with your schedule. Our teachers are professional and warm, making each class filled with energy and engagement. 

Or send us a message about booking your personal choreography inquiry!



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