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Allow your child to dance on their twinkle toes and let their imagination take them to a whole new world of possibilities. In our Princess Ballerina and Pre- Level Classes, we instill the grace of dance, structurally, and most importantly, how to be a team player.

• LEVEL 1 & 2

Dancers who are ready to soar to new heights will progress seamlessly through the instruction of our level 1 and 2 dance classes. All students participating in higher level classes must be enrolled in ballet. This is to ensure proper body alignment, growth, and most importantly safety.


Our higher level classes are formatted for dancer's who have learned to execute  and understand turn-out, proper alignment, and weight transfer.  All higher level classes are determined by the students' technical merit and age. Our main goal is safety first, and we want to ensure every dancer is able to uphold the standards. All new students will be evaluated for proper placement(s)

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