Zoetic Movement Staff: Char
National Dance Week Foundation - Certificate of Recognition


Communications & Public Relations​

Ms. Char passion for music and dance of all genres allows her to specialize in a variety of classes. Her multi-faceted background and creative flare offered her a full scholarship under the direction of Cathy Izumi at the Honolulu Dance Studio in Honolulu, Hawaii where she grew up! She is well-versed in hip-hop, jazz, and ballet and brings much diversity and island rhythm in her choreography. Char is no stranger to working hard. She started teaching at the age of 16. 


Her drive and pursuit for innovation and refining herself brought her to Southern California where she continued her quest for training at Bre Dance Studio in Riverside, CA and Corona Dance Academy in Corona, CA where she was also the Co-Director and technician for their company. Teaching is one of the gifts she has been bestowed. She humbly gushed, “It's bringing out the integrity of each person, not just being a dancer, which is the reason why I love what I do.”  She orchestrates community and leadership functions, to proliferate for donations, scholarships, fundraisers and sponsors. She supports and mentors parents and students on scholarships, leadership opportunities, and provides financial education.


​She was a representative of the non-profit organization National Dance Week Foundation and is also devoted in promoting awareness on anti-bullying. She is an advocate for the non-profit agency called, The Greater Hope Foundation, and is also an avid sponsor for the American Cancer Society. She believes in giving back to the community and hopes to inspire every individual to do the same.